Are you ready to give love a chance?

Remember, It Takes 002 To Tango!

Pickleball is a game of love.

It Takes 002 To Tango.

Don’t be shy, let pickleball break the ice.

Reserve your spot today!

In order to provide a near equal number of men & women in each event, the
sign up categories are separated by gender.



Pricing is as follows:

  • Diamond Ladies: FREE
  • Visitor Ladies: $5
  • Diamond Gents: $5
  • Visitor Gents: $15
  • Other Member Types: $10

We have 1 event each week for every age group at each Club:

Sandy Club:

18-29: Sat. 7-10pm

25-39: Fri. 9-Midnight

35+: Sat. 7-10pm


Orem Club:

18-29: Fri. 6-9pm

25-39: Sat. 3-6pm

35+: Sat. 6-9pm

You will sign up individually and play in a doubles mixer format. The mixer is open play for 3 hours with a 6:1 player to court ratio. Meaning, you will play one game and then rotate 2 players off and 2 players on. Mix & match both teammates and opponents. We want all participants to have time beyond the court to talk, mingle, and TANGO a little bit!

This is what makes pickleball so great! It’s super easy to learn, and part of the TANGO is having another player help you along. Don’t be shy, there will be players who will gladly teach you and help you improve your game.

Yes, absolutely. Love has no boundaries.

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